Victoria Lerognon

MSc Student


  • Description
  • MSc Student, Department of Construction Engineering, École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS)

In her Master project, Victoria is investigating IFC structure and data transfert to 3D scan. The main goal of her research is to process data and sort out required information to develop an easy tool for facility management. At the end of the project, she will support the developers in the implementation of a tool to transfer metadata from an IFC to an existing scan. During her bachelor studies, she developed a solid background in construction theory with many aspects of building management such as structure, fluids or even acoustic. Her master allows her to specialize in digital aspect of construction industry: BIM, IoT integration, process mapping … she is particularly interested in the digital transformation of the construction industry. interested in Computer Vision, Machine learning and every aspect related to Data Science.

  • Research Title

Identification and mapping of BIM Information to Prévu3D for the operation phase


  • Education

M.Sc. Construction engineering, Ecole de Technologie supérieure (ETS) - Montréal, Canada.

  • IFC, 3D Scan, Metadata, BIM, Facility Management
Sept. 2020 - Jun. 2022

B.Sc.Civil and urban Engineering, INSA Rennes, France.

Sep. 2016 - Aug. 2020

  • Professional Experience

Product sales intern Prévu3D, Montréal, Canada.
Jan. 2022 – May. 2022

Innovation internship Pomerleau, Montréal, Canada.
Sept. 2021 – Dec. 2021

Junior project manager BIMEO, Montréal, Canada.
May. 2021 – Jul. 2021

Process mapping analyst Soft dB, Montréal, Canada.
May. 2021 – Jul. 2021

BIM Modeler Fluid Assistant Fluditec, Ploërmel, France.
Sept. 2020 – Dec. 2020

Digital modeling assistant internship Legendre construction, Rennes, France.
Jun. 2020 –Jul. 2020

Thermal study technician internship Fluditec, Ploërmel, France.
Jun. 2019 –Jul. 2019

Industrial worker intern M.P.A.P , Ploërmel, France.
Jun. 2017 –Jul. 2017